Welcome to Westchester Dedication

Jan 5, 2018

After more than a month of painting and months of planning, artist and Otis professor, David Russell, completed his five-story “Welcome to Westchester” mural in early December. On December 18, the mural was officially dedicated at a ceremony in Westchester.

Commissioned by Drollinger Properties in partnership with Otis College of Art and Design, the mural depicts Westchester landmarks including the Loyola Theater, the Otis building and the LMU Bluffs. The mural also pays homage to the Space Shuttle Endeavour’s flight through Westchester and the majestic snowy egrets that call the area home. Unique to the painting is the word “welcome” written in numerous languages throughout the mural that appear when the sun hits it at a certain angle. This is the second mural commissioned by Drollinger Properties to help beautify and bring more art to Westchester.

The first mural, “You are Beautiful,” which is located in the Ralph’s/CVS Parking lot off of Sepulveda in Westchester, was completed in 2014.

Pictured: Westchester’s newest mural, “Welcome to Westchester,” was recently completed and can be viewed on the Drollinger Properties building located on Westchester Parkway and Sepulveda Westway.

Posted January 2018.

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