Westchester Team Challenge combines friendly competition and community spirit

Apr 17, 2022

Westchester resident Amy Frelinger loves to get people moving, whether it’s by working as a Realtor to help people find their dream homes or inspiring her friends and family to dust off their tennis shoes to get some exercise.

Looking for a way to combine her passion for the Westchester community and fitness, Frelinger teamed up with Grant Francis to create the Westchester Team Challenge (WTC). After a successful inaugural year in 2019, the Westchester High School alums planned to make this an annual community tradition, but the pandemic put a pause on the festivities.

Frelinger is happy to share that the WTC is back on this year, and she’s excited to see people come together to celebrate Westchester, meet new friends and enjoy a morning of friendly competition.

A little bit of teamwork helps get a team across the finish line at the 2019 WTC.

“This event was conceived in the style of a good, old-fashioned day of community fun and team building,” said Frelinger. “The goal is to share some delightful moments, create a reason to gather and move ourselves physically and emotionally. After all we’ve collectively gone through over the past two years with the pandemic, I think we all need activities that not only bond us, but also help sharpen our team working skills!”

Frelinger is encouraging would-be participants to create a team with a clever name and sign up 10 people (all ages and fitness levels encouraged)—whether it’s friends, neighbors or fellow members of a social club. During the inaugural event, teams represented close-knit blocks, local businesses and membership organizations like the Westchester Elks Lodge.

Once the teams head to LMU’s Drollinger Field on Saturday, August 6 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., they’ll battle it out by playing games like bocce ball, corn hole, football toss and running in a three-legged race.

“Expect lots of high fives, laughing and enthusiasm if you’re joining us this year,” said Frelinger. “The camaraderie on the field is really something special.”

 The cost to participate is $300 per team ($30 per person) and everyone will receive a T-shirt.

Proceeds from the event will benefit the Westchester Streetscape Improvement Association (WSIA), which is responsible for the beautification efforts along Sepulveda Boulevard.

“Who doesn’t love a good challenge? Especially when it’s fun and can raise awareness for a good cause like beautification in our neighborhood,” said Frelinger. “We appreciate the hard work of WSIA for enhancing the major thoroughfares of our community. Driving up and down Sepulveda you can see all the improvements they have made with the sidewalks, which used to be broken and a safety hazard, and the beautiful landscaping. When people work together, great things can get accomplished.”

Register your team and learn more at westchestercateamchallenge.com.

Posted April 2022. Updated May 2022.

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