Westside Neighborhood School celebrates announcement of new preschool program opening in fall 2017

Sep 2, 2016

Westside Neighborhood School (WNS) has announced the opening of a new preschool, a project that has been three years in the making! For 36 years, WNS has been a leader in DK-8 Westside education, and is pleased to now add their Reggio-inspired preschool program with capacity for 68 children in fall 2017.  The preschool will be housed in the newly created early childhood center directly across from the main K-8 campus at 12901 Coral Tree Place.  

“We are extremely excited about the opening of a WNS preschool that will serve our current school families as well as the surrounding community,” said Head of School, Brad Zacuto. “One of the best aspects of this opportunity is our ability to design the space as well as the program from the ground up, exactly how we want it, based on the most current research on how young children learn best.”

The WNS Preschool will make use of the building’s unique open warehouse features with large indoor/outdoor classrooms and play areas, skylights, abundant natural outdoor space, and a completely enclosed and secure parking and drop-off area.  The WNS Preschool is part of the school’s Tri-Campus Master Plan that will also include the addition of a new full-sized gymnasium and middle school STEAM Academic Learning Center.

The preschool program, consisting of three age-based sections for children ranging from 2 years, 9 months to 5 years, is dispersed throughout six state-of-the art classrooms. It will embrace a play-based, child-centered philosophy taught by a highly knowledgeable and experienced early childhood faculty and staff. WNS preschoolers will be viewed as innovators and co-creators of their own learning!

Indoor/outdoor classroom experiences will reflect children’s passions and interests and provide opportunities for hands-on exploration, investigation, collaboration, and reflection. Core educational experiences lay the foundation in literacy and numeracy, integrated Spanish, music, visual arts, and social-emotional learning, reflecting WNS K-8 core values.

“This is an amazing opportunity to begin educating very young children and connecting with their families,” adds Darlene Fountaine, Director of Admission. “With so many new companies and residential developments in the area, we recognize the need and are thrilled to be able to offer a high quality preschool experience for our growing neighborhood.”

Children who enroll in the WNS Preschool will matriculate directly into the WNS K-8 program. Preschool applications for Fall 2017 are now available online at http://www.wnsk8.com/Page/Admission/Admission-Process.

To learn more about the WNS preschool visit http://www.wnsk8.com/admission/preschool or contact Darlene Fountaine, Director of Admission at dfountaine@wnsk8.com.

This article is part of our 2016 Celebrating our Local Schools issue.

Pictured: Westside Neighborhood School’s Director of Admission, Darle Fountaine, spreads the great news about the school’s new preschool.

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