5 Questions with…Amy Nelson Frelinger

Mar 6, 2023

Amy Nelson Frelinger might have grown up around the Golden Age of Television, but these days you’re much more likely to catch her negotiating contracts and walking on her favorite neighborhood trails, than spending time on the couch bingeing the latest shows on Netflix.

Amy, a fourth-generation Californian, has a unique family history with connections to many of the things that help the state shine–her great-great grandfather brought the first Chardonnay grapes to wine country and her mother was the longest-term employee at CBS, eventually working her way to Vice President of Business Affairs. Today, the CBS TV-City mezzanine is named in her honor. Then there’s Amy’s father, who might be the namesake for the “Oscar” statuette, after his first wife, the legendary Bette Davis, won Best Actress and remarked that the award looked like her husband.

Amy, who grew up in Baldwin Hills and followed in her sister’s footsteps to attend Westchester High School, had her own stint in show business as a professional dancer and appeared in commercials, movies (like Grease 2) and at award shows. Her passion for dance eventually propelled her into the fitness industry. With a daughter about to graduate high school and one in college, Amy decided to change lanes and try a new career path. Combining her love for people and homes, for the last 18 years, she’s helped her clients, many of them now friends, make the biggest purchase (or sale) of their lives.

“There’s a whole depth to home buying and selling that I take very seriously,” said Amy. “I think it is cherished and hallowed ground for people to trust you with their real estate needs.”

Always on the move, Amy enjoys keeping active whether it’s volunteering to pick up litter with Clean UP Westchester or organizing the Westchester CA Team Challenge to encourage fellow locals to get some fresh air for a good cause. As an engaged community member, she also takes pride in staying up-to-date with local news and developments so she can share the information with her clients and neighbors.

We recently sat down with Amy and asked her to share her thoughts, so here is “5 Questions With…Amy!”

What’s one local spot you couldn’t live without?

The Bluff walking path below LMU, which is technically Cabora Road. A jog, run or walk with friends, dogs or kids is wonderful. If you time it right, you can see a beautiful sunset over the Pacific and enjoy views of the city from the ocean to the mountains. I have loved it there for literally decades!

What do you tell people that are new to the area about Westchester/Playa?

Westchester and Playa del Rey are the most hidden gems of the Westside and more affordable than other areas like Venice, Santa Monica or the South Bay beach cities. We have that old-school neighborhood feel. We are locals who watch out for each other and care. We have great proximity to LAX, the beaches and the Pacific Ocean, which provides a wide variety of work and play options!

Cool fact: Amy is serious about public safety and has volunteered as her Neighborhood Watch Block Captain.

What is the most rewarding thing about volunteering with community groups?

Cleaning and beautifying! I invest the time and do the work to leave our neighborhood and people better than I found them. I volunteer twice a month on Saturday mornings to beautify our streets with a bunch of neighbors called Clean UP Westchester. I am involved in fundraising efforts to caretake the landscaping along the Sepulveda and Manchester thoroughfares through a local group called the Westchester Streetscape Improvement Association (WSIA). I also produce an event annually with fellow “Westchesterite,” Grant Francis, called the Westchester CA Team Challenge (WCTC). In a half day of fun and games, we celebrate with diverse teams of colleagues to put on a sports event designed to raise funds to benefit WSIA. The challenge takes place in August.

If you were a member of the city council what issue would you want to tackle?

Cleaning up the community so our pride in the neighborhood shows everywhere. These last three years of the pandemic rocked our lives in countless ways. The most disturbing for me personally are the issues of neighborhood safety and the tragedy of the unhoused/homeless situation. It has upended our sense of calm and community, while robbing us of our peace and pleasures. My hope is that our new Councilmember Traci Park helps us restore Westchester Park and the facilities within it to clean, safe and usable places.

Cool fact: She helped start the Booster Club at Kentwood Elementary while her daughters were students there.

What’s the biggest change in the neighborhood you’ve seen over the years?

The loss of open spaces. I have historically been a jogger and have for decades enjoyed running with my children, friends and dogs around the neighborhood. When I bought my home in 1986 there were numerous open fields to run around and through. That was before Playa Vista existed…hard as it might be to imagine! Red-tailed hawks would soar over the LMU bluffs hunting for their meals below, floating on the air currents. Neighbors used to fly remote controlled airplanes on those same air currents over what are now LMU campus dorms. I yearn for less congestion and more nurtured green spaces in which to exercise, breathe and find balance with nature.

Photo by Zsuzsi Steiner.

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