Adopt-A-Senior gives neighbors chance to celebrate local grads

Jun 10, 2020

Looking to make local high school seniors feel important and celebrated, Westchester resident Hallie Hawk, knew she wanted to act. After seeing an Adopt-A-Senior program started for her alma mater in Colorado, she decided to start one for neighborhood grads. With the support of fellow moderators Aisha Harris and Melissa Remer, she launched the “Adopt-A-Graduating Senior Westside Los Angeles” Facebook page and is encouraging those that want to help commemorate the occasion for students to join, pick a senior and find ways to make their day.

“Graduating is such an important time in young people’s lives and it’s special that they are being acknowledged by someone they don’t even know,” said Hawk. “It’s great that the community is welcoming them to the next steps in their lives.”

For now, the page has connected more than 30 graduating seniors with families who have dropped off or mailed gifts like decorations, cupcakes, balloons, gift cards and even a Keurig to take to college. Thanks to these thoughtful gifts, the page is now filled with pictures of smiling grads posing with their goodies, showing that these acts of kindness will not be forgotten during a graduation season that is unlike any other.

Hawk, a mother of two, recently adopted a senior she instantly connected with. The student is planning to study to become a Child Life Specialist, someone that works in pediatric hospitals to help children and families cope with the challenges. With a child battling an illness, she knows this student will play an important role in people’s lives.

“With so much going on, it’s nice to take your mind off things by helping other people,” said Hawk who adds that her kids love helping out with the page. “It’s been really fun to think of things to get them.”

Have a senior you’d like to add to the page or interested in adopting a senior? Search “Adopt-A-Graduating Senior Westside Los Angeles” on The last day to participate is June 21. 

Posted June 2020.

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