Holiday Recipe Contest

Nov 13, 2017

Wow–a lot has happened this year. Many people, including me, feel a bit overwhelmed by all of the natural disasters as well as the man-made, intentional acts of destruction we’ve experienced this year. Though there is no sweeping our sadness under the carpet or ignoring the situations at hand, I do think it’s important that we try to find fun things to celebrate in an attempt to create balance in our lives and maintain optimism.

With Thanksgiving approaching, the Inn staff and I wanted to thank you for all of the joyous occasions you’ve celebrated at the Inn this year–the wonderful birthday and anniversary stay-cations you booked for yourselves were fantastic! The times you’ve used the Inn as your “guest house” and had beloved family members and friends stay with us were lovely! And we’ve also really enjoyed when you’ve stopped by the Inn simply to say “hi” and have a look around!

You’ve added so much joy to our lives, that we want to add some to yours with our “Holiday Recipe Contest!”

Here are a few simple rules:

1. Please email your favorite cake, cookie, muffin or baked egg dish recipe to us at info@innatplayadelrey. com by Monday, November 20, 2017.

2. Please put “Recipe Contest” in the subject line.

3. If possible, include a short essay telling us why you love this recipe. Is it because it’s easy? Is it because one of your parents taught you how to bake it? How did you come up with this recipe? Is it a well-known recipe you’ve adapted, something you invented yourself or an old family recipe? Don’t stress yourself out; just give us a few lines or paragraphs telling us why you love this recipe!

4. Please include your name and telephone number so we can contact you if your recipe is chosen as the winner! We’ll take your recipes and bake them for our guests in November and then we’ll announce the winning recipe in the December issue of the Hometown News. We’ll be judging recipes based on taste, ease of making, originality and the essay. One winner will be selected to receive a gift certificate for a one-night stay at the Inn at Playa del Rey (excluding holidays).

Good luck everyone and happy baking!

The Inn’s recipes have been lovingly collected over the past 20 years. Some are original recipes, others are well-known recipes that have been adapted and some are recipes that have been handed down by our innkeepers’ mothers and grandmothers over the years.

Rebecca Hill is an innkeeper at the Inn at Playa del Rey and a published writer. Her stories have appeared in Redbook magazine and in over a dozen Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies.             

By Rebecca Hill, Innkeeper.

Posted November 2017. Photo by Liz Hall.

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