Spotlight on Schools: Visitation Catholic School

Oct 18, 2023

Visitation Catholic School is excited to share the outcome of our summer mural project. Students, staff, parishioners and neighbors were invited to pick up a paint brush and help create our new mural on campus, which boldly proclaims: ALL ARE WELCOME!

The original idea for the mural came from our DEI committee and more than 50 people participated in its painting. It was important to us that everyone and anyone who wanted to participate was invited to do so. Incoming JK students with their unpredictable brush strokes worked alongside alumni who offered a steadier hand. Members of the school and parish staff stepped outside into the Westchester sunshine, chose the bright color of their liking, and took a “paint break” in their regularly busy day, all in an effort to complete the mural before the first day of school.

When painting the mural, one second grade student enthusiastically said it best, “Oh my gosh, everyone is going to see this and just feel so welcome!”

The Visitation community helps create the “All are welcome!” mural.

Guided by Catholic values, Visitation strives to create an inclusive environment where all students can feel welcome, supported and a sense of belonging. In this faith-based learning environment, the mural stands as a reminder that it is our duty to celebrate, respect, and understand the diversity and dignity of all, addressing and confronting bias with bravery and purpose.

In Visitation’s inclusive environment, students can thrive. They are instilled with a foundation of academic excellence in such a way that will enable students to meet with success in secondary education, as well as participate in continuing education. In fact, 100 percent of our graduates are accepted to their first choice high school.

If you are interested in learning more about Visitation Catholic School, voted “Best Private School” by the community in the HomeTown News’ “Best Of” poll, we encourage you to take a student-led tour. Our student ambassadors will guide you through their own experience at Visitation, show you our beautiful, safe and secure campus while highlighting our academic achievements. They’ll also talk to you about the many sports, club, and service opportunities.

And of course, don’t forget to check out our new mural on the way in!

Tour dates are October 19 and November 14 from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m.

Schedule a tour at

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