Want to run for Neighborhood Council? Candidate registration opens February 21

Feb 9, 2016


Calling all candidates! If you’ve ever considered becoming more active in the community and serving on the 31-seat Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa (NCWP), now is your chance to get involved. With the election taking place in late spring of this year, the NCWP is currently looking for candidates to run for the 16 seats that are up for grabs for four year terms.

“While we’ve accomplished a lot at city hall, it’s just as important to get involved on the neighborhood level. That’s why there are 96 neighborhood councils in L.A. representing people from the valley to South L.A. and the Westside to downtown,” said Mayor Garcetti in a video encouraging neighborhood council participation. “I want you to know that if there are issues that you are passionate about or you’re just looking to do your part to make your local community better, this could be your opportunity to serve your neighborhood and our city.”

Candidate registration for Region 11, which includes the NCWP and the West L.A. area, begins on Sunday, February 21 and will run through April 6. Candidates will be asked to include a photo, a candidate statement and proof of eligibility. Candidates can register online at empowerla.org/elections.

The following seats will be on the ballot this June:

  • Residential seats 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14. Candidates running for these seats must live within the boundaries of the seat they are running for and be at least 18 years of age. These seats are currently held by Gregg Aniolek (2), Nick Middlesworth (4), Thomas Flintoft (8), Matthew Parrish (10), Denny Schneider (12) and Alex Eychis (14). The residential director seat for district 6 is currently vacant.
  • At-large seat. Candidates are eligible to run for this seat if they live, work or own property within the Westchester, Playa del Rey or Playa Vista boundary of the NCWP. This seat is currently held by Nora MacLellan.
  • At-large Affirmation seat. This position is open to a person who lives, works or owns property within the NCWP boundary or declares they are a stakeholder in the neighborhood and can provide the factual basis for it. This seat is currently held by Mark Redick.
  • Business seats in Westchester and Playa del Rey. Those interested in these seats must own or manage a business licensed with the City of Los Angeles that is within the NCWP boundaries in a commercial location. These seats are currently held by Geoff Maleman (Westchester) and Lance Williams (Playa del Rey). The business seat for Play Vista is currently vacant.
  • Community Organization seat. Candidates for this seat must be an officer or director of a non-political community organization located in the NCWP area. This seat is currently held by David Voss.
  • Education seat. This position is open to an educator or administrator with a K-12 school located in Westchester, Playa del Rey or Playa Vista. This seat is currently held by Andrew Kamm.
  • Loyola Marymount University seat. This seat is open to an administrator or staff member of LMU. This seat is currently held by Grace Yao.
  • Service Clubs and Fraternal Organization seat. A member of a service club or fraternal organization located within the NCWP boundary is eligible for this seat. Jack Topal currently holds this position.
  • Youth Organization seat. This position is open to a person affiliated with a youth organization in the NCWP area. This seat is currently held by Scott Carni.

The NCWP elections will take place on Sunday, June 5 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Westchester Community Room, located at 7166 Manchester Ave. in Westchester. Those interested in voting will be asked to fill out a voter registration form at the polling location and provide proof of their eligibility to vote. Closer to the election, the NCWP is planning on holding candidate information meetings and candidate forums.

“Putting neighborhoods first requires constant partnership and collaboration and the neighborhood council system is a crucial part of how my office stays engaged with each community I represent,” said Councilmember Mike Bonin. “I strongly encourage people to get involved in the Neighborhood Council of Westchester Playa.”

For more info on the 2016 NCWP elections, visit ncwpdr.org or empowerla.org/elections.

Photo: The Westchester Community Room will serve as the voting location for this year’s NCWP election.

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